Our managed EIS portfolio service

Build a diverse portfolio of growth technology investments, with our evergreen EIS Portfolio Service.

As a long-standing champion of growth technology investing, we’ve a proven track record of investing in the latent potential of breakthrough technology.

Our market-specific experience and insight into growth tech, will help you to reap the benefit of EIS tax breaks, while gaining access to a diversified portfolio of investments. You’ll also benefit from no entry fees or annual management fees, with this service.

We favour businesses with models that have potential to deliver multiples of 10x to 50x, if successful. Our portfolios include both more established companies seeking capital growth, alongside earlier-stage firms with capital growth potential.

EIS Tax benefits

  • 30% income tax relief on the value of investments
  • Capital Gains Tax deferral
  • 0% Capital Gains Tax on realisation of investments
  • 100% Inheritance Tax relief after two years
  • Loss relief on holdings sold at a loss.

In a nutshell

  • This is an evergreen discretionary investment management service
  • The Portfolio Manager builds each investor their own portfolio of shares
  • Shares are in qualifying unquoted and/or AIM quoted companies
  • A typical portfolio will likely include established firms and earlier stage businesses
  • Minimum initial investment per investor – £20,000
  • Minimum for subsequent investments – £5,000
  • Maximum investment for EIS Income Tax Relief – £1m a year
  • Target return – 15% IRR (this is not guaranteed)
  • Target exit – 4-6 years after Portfolio Manager investment.
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A selection of recent investments

This is a high-risk investment. You could lose all the money you invest and are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 minutes to learn more.
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