We have a peerless track record in investing in growth technology ventures at the edge of progress.

We take advantage of EIS tax breaks to champion pioneering firms – from fintech to fibre optics – bringing tomorrow’s technology to the world. Endeavour had led investment of over £150m.

Based in Marylebone, London, we’re one of the most successful and long-established boutique investment firms in the country. We bring detailed knowledge, experience and instinct for growth markets, with deep insights into successful exits. We look for an established route to market, a scalable business model, and the potential for early entry to the US.

Over the last 12 years, we’ve carefully built a bespoke offering for sophisticated investors, based on an intimate insight and access to high-quality tech investments. Our fees are low. We take our time.

The result? The opportunity to sensibly invest in ground-breaking technology, with exit multiples of up to 50x, brought to you by a team that understands risk, reward and the smart deployment of capital.

Proven track record

12-year IRR:
29.7% with EIS relief
25.6 without EIS

Winners of EISA Best Exit Award:

For AIM-listed Blue Prism Group at 150x money